Thursday, March 3, 2016

Experimental Fly

Being between classes this week, I have a hair more time... so I've tried playing with a few different flies I wanted to try tying for the spring.

The one I wanted to try most, was a little fry pattern I've seen a couple times - once on youtube and once in a British fly fishing and tying mag.  It's basically a flashy body, with big stick on eyes, and some form of feather flipped over from front to back, then ribbed into place.  These were my first two attempts and both are reflecting my current rusty-ness at the vice ;)... they are tied on #12 nymph hooks.

It was a pattern that just really caught my eye as a possible success anywhere, but especially for those small stream brookies that are so fun to chase... or for the rainbow's on a local tailwater that get pounded with tiny flies all year long.  This seemed like a "different" enough streamer that it could really work on those fish... Ill be trying to do up some more that are a little neater (for fun sake), though I dont think the fish will mind these :)

Keep well


  1. Nice flies Will
    I read in a magazine 20 plus years ago about an angler who tied a similar version. He fished them in tidal waters in Alaska and just killed sea-run dolly vardens.

    1. Hmmm, That's good to hear Alan! I hope to "test" them soon... I should have this past weekend and got focused on other flies. Next time out :)