Monday, March 20, 2017

Ok, I'm on the "Mop Fly" Bandwagon

I've had a bit of an odd streak.  Much of my life, if something was deemed "cool" by the masses, I naturally gravitated AWAY from that thing.  Just my personality I guess.

Well, as everyone in fly fishing has debated the mop fly, I've done a lot of watching, played a little but not gotten serious.

Today that changes... I actually bought a "mop".  That nice, slightly mottled gray color.  What really got me though, was looking at a glove down the isle.  It was the same thing, but covered in mops that are, at best, half the size of normal... Most likely they are smaller!  I like the little ones better, and look forward to the creations they allow.

Glove (small) and cloth (regular size) mop fly material.  Ok, in fairness, I'm going to trim about 50 off each, bag em, and use the cloth and glove for the intended purpose - cleaning the car.

Cut off a mop fly "body" from the car washing glove so you could see the difference in size between the two.

White pearl Farrar blend, mono thread, medium eyes secured with CA glue and over coated with UV Resin, sharpies for the color.

Also got to doing up some baitfish to look like what I think (memory, dont fail me) are called "pin fish" in Florida.  they are little bait fish that are sort of tan on top prior to fading to silver on the sides with some baring on them.  Almost look like little baby sunfish.  Looking forward to trying out this pattern (cant tell I'm looking forward to a trip south - ha ha ha).

Keep well

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Gangsta Gurgler

We hope to go to FL to visit my Mother In Law later this spring.  When ever that happens I get psyched for some great fishing.  That always leads to some time looking for new FL flies... I fish salt, but I dont know what the heck I'm "really" doing.  I basically apply what knowledge I have, try to stay adaptable, and figure stuff out on the fly.  That's how I've found my best salt flies for down there for sure.  The other day I bumbled into the "Gangsta Gurgler" which sure looked a lot like my favorite "shrinp" fly in Lefty's Craft Fur Shrimp, and one of the greatest top water flies ever for warm or salt water fish - the Gartside Gurgler.  I had some little mess ups on both - which you will see quick if you know this fly... But man, what a fishy looking fly.  I had to do a few up.  Hopefully some time later this year Ill be able to post up some pic's with one of these in the corner of a snooks mouth :)!

Happy fishing!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Good news and some fun flies

On the good news front, our son's scan was clean, so that's 4 years post treatment free and clear.  Phew!  6 more before he's considered in remission, but hearing the doc's say they will see him in regular clinic 1 more time before "releasing" him to Dana Farber's "long term survivor" clinic is pretty cool.  Fingers crossed we get there healthy and well.

It got real cold here last weekend, and again this weekend.  The wind has blown too.  Not a little either... Windy like I dont remember it being kind of wind.  It's knocked over 3 sections of a fence in our yard, and, blow the roof off the chicken coop too - ugh.  Got the coop fixed but the fence may be beyond repair regrettably.  C'mon April - lets ditch the wind!

That said, I took a couple hours last saturday and went "shed" hunting.  If you are not familiar with this, it's the practice of hiking good wintering grounds for deer, and looking for the antlers which "shed" off the bucks heads every winter - generally between January and early March... Though my best "finds" have occurred in the first few weeks of January or even the week before or after Christmas.  The ones just prior to the holidays were most often found while black powder hunting... That all said, it's a fun way to get a nice walk in the forest in.  While I didnt find any antlers this trip, I found this old bucket - no idea how long it's been there.  This land has been protected for about 50 years, maybe a little more, so I dont know if it's some how lasted longer than that, or if someone had it for some reason in here in the decades since.  Neat to wonder about though...

If you try shed hunting, bring binoculars.  They make it a lot easier to see antlers on the ground even 40-50yds away.

Ive been working on some flies too.  A baby brookie variant I've been working on is below.  This is on a size 10 finesse hook, with a #3 fish mask (I'm growing to like these even more).  I've done this with an epoxy or UV resin head the last year, and this version I like better, a bit less weight at the head due to the fish mask and I think that will enhance the action of this fly.  It's a craft fur tail over a light tail of pink shrimp ice dubbing (which is slightly orange more than pink).  Then the fur and additional dubbing are blended and fed into a dubbing loop to make the body.  Trim and walla - done.  Earlier renditions have worked great on a localish tailwater with a booming wild brookie population... I think this one will be even better.

Later this spring, we will be heading to Florida to see my mother in law.  So the itch to fill my Florida box is growing.  Did up a few shrimp last night.  The bigger ones are a variant of a fly that Lefty Kreh created.  I did these as Lefty described in the version I originally learned about, but, I wanted to try the fish tails (I've been on a Flymen Fishing Company spree lately as you can tell) vs bead chain eyes.  The larger ones are all tan craft fur.  Marker colors the tail, the body is just spun in a dubbing loop and wrapped up the shank.  Super easy fly... And just ugly enough to realize Lefty's genius :).  the smaller ones I came up with at the vice last night as an experiment.  Some rubber legs and pink shrimp ice dub bodies - super simple.

These little guys are a sort of variant.  They are very similar to a fly I fish for trout and smallies a lot I call the Ugly Damsel, but these are white, bigger and intend to be fish like in the water - more Bronze Goddess ish I'd say... Good little warm water flies.

These are an experiment.  Just a baitfish... white craft fur tail, pearl ice dub body CCG dumbbell eyes and some red flashabou for a throat - I tied these thinking of my local Crappie pond, but knowing they could catch anything.

Right now it looks like cold and some snow tomorrow, REAL cold this weekend (like 20 F for a high - ouch) and then low 30's next week with some solid snow possible Tuesday.  I suspect I wont get to try these little guys out for a bit...

Have a super day!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

New fly's and spring's first warm water action

I'm feeling the stress right now.  I'm doing ok mitigating it, but this time of year is tough.  Our son has his annual MRI, and while he's doing great as best as I can see, that one dang test is what a lot rides on.  Are we looking at surgery, treatment, uncertainty or worse... Or are we continuing to happily move forward - the test knows.

Normally he does these "sedated".  hard to make a little kid lay still for almost 2hrs to do a head to hip MRI with and without contrast.  But, that has it's own risks - anesthesia is not always the safest thing... So, we tried Boston Children's evolving "non sedated" MRI program.  They do awesome.  They send you a bunch of material pre test to help educate your kiddo on what they have to do.  Then on scan day, they practice a little, and have these cool goggles the kids can wear which lets them watch a fun movie in the scanner.  AWESOME!  He pulled it off.  Amazing.  But... Normally, we go on a Wednesday morning, and do the scan in the AM, he recovers in post anesthesia for a while (those were all sedated) and then we go have lunch, walk around the Prouty Garden at the hospital if possible and then go over the hospital bridge to Dana Farber for his appointment with his Neuro oncology doc and neurologist at the Jimmy Fund Clinic - that's when we learn if he's ok or not.  We've actually convinced his team that if they walk in the room, they are not to say hello, just say the results :)!  Ha!

This time, we do the scan, and then wait.  We will either learn the results on March 8th or some time sooner if his neurooncology doc calls.  I've called and have let her know she can call, but, this is not a new rodeo.  They have a LOT going on, and some really acute and horrible stuff... So... I suspect it's going to be March 8.  Hard to wait on that... And I think it's starting to grate on me... because Ive needed more fishing time than I really should use recently :)

Any way, one random thing, then on to some fishing fun... The last few years I've loved this ginger turmeric lemonade a local country store makes.  It's not really classic lemonade - it's got edge, and goes down clean... The first time I tried it I was unsure... but it grew on me and now I LOVE it.  So, I found a recipe and think I'm closing in on accurate prep... It looks nasty (see below), but 4 cups of water, 1 tsp OR 3-4" of grated fresh, ginger and turmeric, the juice of 1 lemon and honey to taste.  Boil the water, add in the turmeric, ginger and honey - boil 5'~, then add the lemonade when you shut the heat off.  It's sooo good!

Bubling away for 5' before I add in the lemon juice...
Took a chance and hit the little stream across the street at lunch yesterday for 20'.  Winter has changed a few pools / runs a bit, but, the water looked good.  I missed one little one, and then caught this little one... no larger fish took, hopefully a few are left after the drought of last year...

 If you like warmwater fishing, check out the Bobcat Hollow blog:  The guy does an amazing job creating simple effective flies.  He's a really skilled tier for all species, but his warm water stuff just really clicks with me.  Recently he showed some really cool flies he called Slow Rolla's.  I happened to have some synthetic Cohens Creatures curly tails I wanted to use, and his fly was just that, so I copied them the other night and figured I'd wait for warm days and go try them at my town's park pond which is just full of crappie, perch and largemouth bass...

These are super simple.  Just the tail, some nonlead wrapped up the shank, laser dub in a dubbing loop for a body - which you pick out, and a fish skull (thought a UV or Epoxy head with eyes glued in would work too.

You can see above how they look wet, when stripped, even modestly, the tail wriggles out the back.  Super fishy little flies...

After only a few minutes of casting, I had my first warm water tug of the year - a really nice sized crappie had nailed the Slow Rolla.

Maybe 10' later an a smaller one came to hand.  I had a few follows from other fish that I didnt manage to have take, but, it was a fun and stress busting walk at lunch...

Crappie are underrated... They fight solidly, love fly's and, man... look at those fins - gorgeous!

Keep well and thanks for reading.

Monday, February 27, 2017

First fly fish of 17, public land challenges...

I really wanted to get in some water this weekend with the 60 degree temps Saturday... There is a nice walking trail near a small stream I like to fish - about 40' from home.  So... My wife and kids walked the trail - dodging ice on the way - and I fished, meeting them with about a quarter of their hike left so we could slip slide our way to the car.

The stream had a few new blow downs, but overall, was in good shape.  I was worried about it after last summer's drought, but, I'm routinely reminded how resilient these wild brook trout are!

Fun to see how green the ferns still seemed to look... and really neet to see how little ice (none) was on the stream.  I only fished a short section, but, man, it was nice.

Under that small branch going cross the stream I got my first trout of the year, and of the day...

This nice looking "peach" brookie came up and missed my mini bead head bugger (becoming a fav small stream fly for me) while the fly was on the dangle... must have been a hungry fish though, after watching the miss, I let the fly settle into the same spot and what I assume was the same fish smashed the fly.  Nice to manage getting the fish to hand for a quick pic and release.  It strongly swum into the cold waters!

I went on to have 3 more good takes, resulting in fish touching my hand moments before flipping into the water.  Brookies win 3 to 1 due to my rusty landing skills :).  Fun FUN FUN outing, and great to catch a few feisty fish despite the snow melt filling the stream with very cool water and solid flows.

I'm risking a spot burn with this sign.  The Mass Department of Conservation and Recreation, a couple years ago, decided to crack down on what they call illegal trail use by, in particular, mountain bikers.

Now, I've ridden my mountain bike in these woods since high school.  I'm almost 43.  So, since I was about 15, about 28 years, I've ridden here.  Well, 26 if you take the last two years out.  The DCR has come in and destroyed trails by having a group of college students come in and cut down full size trees to block trails over their first 100yds or so, and then try to destroy other areas of the trails.

Now, if they just wanted to crack down on "new" and unauthorized trails I would be sad of the situation but understand.  However, seeing them claim trails that have been mountain biked, alot, for 30+ years are causing problems... When the DCR's own public use documentation from other properties in MA actually lays out that the impact of mountain biking by the public has similar impact to that of hiking... It really feels there is an agenda here which is anti public use.

Dont think this sort of thing affects other users of areas?

Well, imagine you wanted to fish a stream which had a trail for access.  That trail may be destroyed now - and rendered hugely frustrating to navigate.  Likewise, imagine you wanted to walk a trail for peace and relaxation and it's no longer there - after 20-30 years.  

How about knowing you are being watched by surveillance cameras to catch mountain bikers using non authorized trails.

Unreal, and hugely frustrating.  If one wants to improve their ability to protect land - let people responsibly use it!  When land users have a legit stake in the land, they are far more likely to work to protect it and help keep it healthy and well.

I think of other state forests in MA - ironically operated under the DCR umbrella - which have worked with the New England Mountain Bike Association to build new and extensive trail systems which are fantastic, and loved by a variety of users from walkers to bird watchers to hunters and certainly, mountain bikers and even trail runners.  many of those trails include bridge segments to navigate swampy lands or streams which flow into local reservoirs and which house coldwater fisheries, thus are really excellent water quality.  If those forests can operate with healthy trail system development and use - why is this crackdown occurring on largely existing trails?  Frustrating.  Very frustrating.

If you love to be outside, and public land plays a role in that... Be aware.  Access may not be permanent...  Frustrating.

Keep well

Friday, February 24, 2017

A while back I posted about Joe Mahlers excellent fly called the "Strawboss".  Hoping to take a trip to FL in April to visit my Mother In Law, and based on the very well chewed status of my current Strawboss population I needed to do a few up.  this is the first time I've tried them with craft fur for the tail and subwing - or with rubber legs.  The first one's I did were just bucktail and thread.  I was rusty with the whole folding over of the bucktail thing, but these will catch.  Cant wait to get them into the brine in search of snook, lady fish (aka - poor man's baby tarpon) red's and whatever else swims past!

We have a little challenge - a first world problem for sure.  I'm self employed and work via a home office... We have 3 bedrooms in our house.  We also have two kids.  They have been ok in one room, but they are reaching the age where having their own spaces will be really positive for them.  So, what's an economic way for me to gain a work space?  While also helping us store the results of our book addictions?  Have floor to ceiling shelves and a desk built into a wall in the dining room.  It may be dicey when the kids are home, but for the most part they are at camp and school or outside... so this will work for a while until we figure something else out (perhaps building office space in the basement).  Last fall we got a bunch of estimates for this project via highly regarded contractors we found on Home Advisor.  If you need work done, check that site, it resulted in two awesome professionals for us between the landscape folks who did our patio last year, and this project.  I'm just letting the paint dry and will start moving books.  Very happy with how this came out!

About 3-4 years ago I moved to a sling pack for my "big water" fishing v the necklace I use for small streams.  I'd been given a 100 dollar gift card to the excellent Concord Outfitters here in MA, and used it on a nice Orvis sling pack.  It's worked well, though I always wished it was a little bigger, because, well, I always seem to need "one more" fly box (more on that issue in a coming post).  Well, within a few weeks I met a guy at a fly show who looked familiar, turned out he lived about 2.5 miles from me and was the owner of a company I'd heard of and seen in various reports online and in print called Vedavoo.  I had no idea they were "local".  We have fished a few times together since, and I have wanted to buy a bag, but having just got that Orvis one, I had a hard time justifying.  So, I just got one (I paid for it, this is not promotion for someone I know as thanks for a freebie).  Wish I had done it sooner.  simple, fit's great, and I can pack the heck out of this dang thing if I want - it's the TL Beast model.  If you want to move to a sling style bag, check them out - very well made, local to New England, customizable colors and super functional!  Looking forward to years of enjoyment with this bag - and I wont feel guilty when I see Scott (the bag's maker) on the water in coming weeks!

Note that the dangly rope is my "string" for my stream thermometer... 

The guys at posted a great Kelly Gallop video yesterday.  I'd seen it at some point in the past, and completely forgotten about it.  Watching though, I thought I should try it out.  Cool little use of some UV white ice dub on what is really a PT variant to create sort of a sheath under water.  It will be interesting to see if it fishes as well as Gallop suggests - the guy sure ties some awesome flies.

 Tim Flagler of laid down a neat video showing a really cool little "worm" varient.  could be a skinny caddis, a big chironomid or something similar to those... But, watching, it made me think of some wormish looking bugs Ive seen on the swift here in MA, so I tied up a few of them... I really like the look of the olive and the cream, but it's going to be fun to try them all...

The green is a bit chubbier because I didnt have micro size green nymph tubing, so I used small... I still like it.

These, to me, look so much like the ones I've seen on the swift.  Cant wait to try them.  I did modify from Tim's approach by using black sally hansens nail polish for the heads.

This weather is amazing - looking forward to getting on the water soon!

Have an awesome day!


Monday, February 13, 2017

Funny stuff, flies and snow

Maybe at the ripe age of 42, I'm old school.  I dont know.  But I would rather read a real, made of paper, news paper than get my news off web sites.  One bonus is the quick review of the funnies - makes me feel like a kid.  Well, the other day my local paper had the cartoon below.  Cracked me up!

The other day, Ken over on had a nice post about a fly he's been having good luck with on a local tailwater.  I liked the looks of it, and tossed out the idea of trying black nail polish rather than tying off the fly with black thread (over the olive used for the body).  Ken thought it may be a good idea and was going to try it, and my next time at the vice I did as well.  Kept the fly slim and looks good, I think it will workout well! 

Tied on a size 22 scud hook, olive 8/0, small copper wire, a smidge of krystal flash midge size and some black nail polish instead of head cement.

 New England has been getting some solid snow for the first time this winter.  After a little "half way through the storm" snow blowing last night, we got the kids down, and then I tied up a few flies.  Yes, we have Xmas lights up still - they make us happy, and, it's easier next year :) ha ha ha!

I've been working on my perch fly, and I think I'm there.  This one is the same as the one I posted the other day, but with only 1 wrap of the puglisi material.  I increased the amount of polar flash by twisting it round the extra large estaz (olive) body... I like it, but next version I may use orange polar flash instead of olive.  Overall, this one is slimmer, shows the body a little more, and should compress a bit more in the water... I think I'm onto a winner with this one.  It's got the nice scruffy look I like, but still has a lot of movement coupled with decent, but not overbearing flash... Whens' open water again? (See pic above, it's not for a WHILE!)

Have a great day and enjoy the outside!