Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Presentations and New Flies.

The past few weeks have involved a lot of fun projects.  A big event for me each year is a major triathlon focused expo and seminar/clinic day in Boston.  I've had the honor of speaking each year the event has happened, so about 14-15 years at this point which surprises me to say out loud!

It's a blast of a day seeing many athletes I coach, many friends of old and making new friends as well.  The day feels like a "season kickoff" or a family reunion - you cant' go 10 feet without seeing someone you know but haven't seen in while.  Makes for a really good time.

My talk was very well received based on the feedback many of the 200-250 who attended provided.  Feels good to have a lot of hard work in preparation rewarded with good feedback - feels better knowing I was able to give those athletes something to apply down the road which could help them stay healthier and perform better.

That was the capstone of a period with a few school projects due, normal work, and a seminar last Thursday night and yesterday (Monday) as well for a few different groups.  Thankfully I have a bit of time here now where I can focus on family, normal coaching work, school work and finally get some fishing in and tie some flies!

Pic of my title slide from saturday's presentation which was in the gym at the Boston University Fitness and Recreation Center - beautiful new facility built by BU.  It's an awesome set up.

And with the chance to fish a bit, I hope to take a lead from "Trout Stream Day Dreams".  Coleman over there describes some awesome mid western, but also north eastern adventures - we have never met, but actually fish a lot of the same water here in the north east actually.  Because of that, his recent posts about / or showing the results of using a tiny woolly bugger got me figuring I better whip up a few - This is my attempt at the fly he's posted a few times lately.  Fingers crossed I can get it wet in the next few days!

Have a super day everyone - get out and fish!


  1. Will all work and no play........
    A good mix is refreshing and worthwhile.
    Nice bugger.

  2. Thanks for the shoutout! Hope the fly serves you well.