Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Long time, no see...

Since late August I've had a few fun trips.  For some reason a great trip to Red Brook looking for Salter brook trout, which was very fun resulted in only 1 pic actually being saved - no idea what happened.  Kids had a total blast playing in buttermilk bay though :).  I've fished Quabbin and the Millers and caught a bunch of smallish smallies, and a micro largemouth as well.  I've done a couple mountain bike rides and trail runs... but overall, just have not been in the blogging mindset.

So, hopefully I can get back on track here.  But for now, a photo dump :) of the past several weeks...

Quabbin's low, but man, still gorgeous.  I caught a couple sunnies and small mouths at this point on poppers and Thunder Creek Streamers.

Thunder creek's are one of my favorite streamers.  Simple, and they catch everything.

We put in a new Patio, and at the start of the month, the final grade was done and grass seed planted.  If I took this pic today you would see a lot of grass where dirt is here.  The fire is the ultimate smore machine - the kids love that!

Another hike at the Quabbin with the family... How could you not love this place!

At the mouth of Red Brook my wife and kids found this cool hermit crab.  

Ooph, the Millers is LOW! 

Lots of these excited to eat though :).  They are super fun!

Playing around with a craft fur streamer with large eyes... green on top, orange on the bottom, with gold sparkle hackle wound up the shank.  I see this in smaller sizes as deadly "baby brookie" style streamer on the swift... But here, a little bigger as I figure it out... and it's a great little baby perch.

I've never caught a largemouth is this lower section of the Millers, so I had to take a pic.  He was really pretty too.

Walked the kids to the store in my home town with my folks.  This was awesome because it was my dad's first walk with the kids since his second hip replacement inside a year, and, because the kids enjoyed playing at the town library.  Just a really fun, relaxed fall day.  Walking home this frog literally hopped onto my dad's foot.  The kids went nuts for him - they were mad at me for letting him go - they felt he would like our house better than the stream.  No luck kiddos :)

Ok - that's all for now.  Hopefully more posts soon!  Keep well everyone!