Thursday, March 31, 2016

Dry fly... Ahhhhhh

It was so nice today, that despite the 40 mph wind gusts, I decided to hit the stream across the street for 20-30' after lunch.  I started with a stimulator in a #16 and took a fish in the first run.

Crazy that is March 31 and there are maple flowers dropping... those shouldnt be raining down for a few more weeks based on "normal" winters!

My rusty dry fly "trigger finger" pulled the fly from a few more fish - awesome to see them attack vigorously!  

I adjusted to a bomber, well, the "modified bomber" I'm growing to really like - I just trim the hackles off the bottom, so they are basically a semi circle from the side and over the top of the fly.  It sits a little lower in the water in calmer glides, seems to float as well as a "normal" round hackle bomber and... this is probably my perception or confirmation bias, but I feel like my hook up ratio is better as well.  (probably is bias, because I've never noticed a lack of hook ups on a stimi before despite round hackles... :))

Well the bomber resulted in several more slightly smaller up to about the same size.  Ended up more like 40', and worth every second.  

You can kinda see the bottom of the hackles are trimmed off... the bomber is blurry in the picture, but hopefully it's visible enough to get the concept through...
Enjoy the blooming spring everyone!


  1. Will I was out on Thursday, up in the Berkshires. The brookies were very nice to me, as they were to you.
    The stimi is a great fly to locate brook trout but the hook-ups are poor. That's an interesting modification to the bomber.

    1. Alan, I started playing with it years ago when I didnt have the $ to buy dry fly hackles and I'd use saddles and cut them down. Got away from it for a while, then started playing with it on some fly's to get them in the film. that worked, and then I learned about a caddis emerger that had the top and bottom hackles cut - it was basically a gray bomber without a wing or tail and grizley hackle only, it was from New Zealand I think. Anyway, seeing that had me playing with it. It's worked great on bombers and now I'm going to try on stimi's - actually tied a few last night that way just to test it out. I really couldnt be sure that it increases hookups, but it "feels" like it...