Thursday, June 8, 2017

Fun time, and lunch with the fishes

My kids like to go on hikes and enjoy the outside.  My son is ok with fishing, but at least thus far, it's not his thing.  I just expose him to it, and if he wants to fish he can, if he wants to throw rocks and look for "gold", cool.  I just want him to enjoy the outside!

My daughter though really does seem to love the proverbial "tug".  Last weekend we walked into the Quabbin Reservoir with my parents, and Em managed to catch her first smallie.  It was about a foot, and it gave her all she could handle :).  When it slid up on the pebbled beach, well, her smile said it all.  I was a proud dad when she asked if we could let it go so she could catch it next time :)


For whatever reason this year, I've not seen a lot of wildflowers like Trillium and Lady Slippers.  This trip was different, and we saw many Lady Slippers.

Earlier this week I hit the local pond at lunch.  I've caught almost exclusively crappie there to this point this year... But this trip the tide turned and I caught a nice bass (hard to tell, but this first one was about 13-14") and then several in the 6-12" range, which seems to be the "sweet spot" in this pond.

This little guy sucked the slightly modified Lefty's Craft Fur Shrimp way down... Thankfully it missed gill's and throat, so I was able to slide the hook out easily.

A few nice crappies were had.  Interesting that they are less dark now than even a few weeks back.  I wonder if that darkness was related to spawning or perhaps to the winter?  Still pretty!

Biggest bass of the day. ;)  Ha!  Ok, smallest actually.  Cracked me up though, he's about the size of many of the wild brookies I fish for!

Enjoy the weekend folks!