Thursday, February 25, 2016

Jimmy Fund Clinic

After crossing the bridge from the main building at Dana Farber Cancer Institute, you see the wall ahead prior to turning left and heading for the Jimmy Fund clinic.  Ironically, I've done hundreds of bike races of various types and distances.. but only a few "fund raiser rides" and never the PMC.  That's going to have to change soon.  Thanks to an amazing surgeon and neurosurg team at UMass Medical Center and Neuro-oncology team at the Jimmy Fund Clinic... Our little guy is still "No Evidence of Disease"!  

That sort of nebulous, but really positive (to cancer survivors) diagnosis that keeps you rolling ahead in life looking for new adventures.

You don't want to know about the work they do in the buildings at Dana Farber.  You don't want to be there, or to visit.  But when you have been a patient, or the parent of a patient, and you have seen kids, body's battered by chemo and radiation, playing with each other - often toting IV poles or wearing masks, or both... You realize that the power is life, is a LOT more valuable than the power of illness.

We are lucky today.  Our little guy is doing great.  We are very, very lucky indeed!