Tuesday, October 7, 2014

It's been to long... September photo dump time!

Man, I have been busy, and it's just make posting tough.  But, today I had a chance, so... here we go!

 The month started with a fun paddle on a local river/lake called long pond.  It's gorgeous!  The kids love to catch lilly pads as we pass them in the canoe and then "cast" them in to catch "Sea Witches".  It's pretty darn funny... But it's especially cool because they are enjoying being outdoors!

I think it was the next day that I hit a local reservoir and caught some sunfish on the two weight.  These little guys are not given their due credit.  They are tough fighters, pretty and willing to take a fly!

Not sure what the scoop was with this little guy.  Either he escaped a turtle or heron when he was young, or he's got quite the little tumor growing.  Sure loved the Dark Cahill wet fly I was fishing!

This is the best buck I've got on my trail cameras.  I took this pic with my phone to share with some buddies the day I saw it.  He's a big 7 point (there are 4 points on the left and 3 on the right).  I'm really hopeful he makes a mistake... But they dont get that big by messing up.  Most likely, Ill see every other deer I have on the camera where he is living... and not see him!  It will be fun to try though!

On a warmish day we took the kids to a farm pond near my parents place. They caught some sun fish, but Emily really had fun reeling in this golden shiner.

The left bank of this fine stream is deeper than you would think, and heavily undercut.  BrkTrt from http://smallstreamreflections.blogspot.com/ would approve given the stream is covered in hemlocks.  It's hard to tell because in this spot, the light makes it through pretty well from the left... Very low this September for sure!

No trout came to hand in the pool on the day I was there, but this chub smashed the #16 stimulator pretty hard!

Amazing how the leaves are changing this year.  Excellent color for sure!

This past weekend we took a walk in my home town on some trails near a big swampy pond owned by a world renowned university located in Cambridge MA.  The university's forestry school is in town, and they own and thus protect thousands of acres, thankfully, most of that land is open to hiking, biking, hunting and fishing.

I loved how this one fern was almost bright yellow against the more tan/brown ferns it resided with.  Fall, is really building fast now.

This past Saturday I hit a local stream and managed a few brookies.  Amazing Halo's on this fellow.  He was oddly darker than most fish I catch on this stream, and he smashed the stimulator as I skated it through a pocket.

Hopefully I can post a bit more often in the next few weeks!

Thanks for stopping by!