Monday, February 22, 2016

Ice Time and Scan Nerves

This past weekend was about family time and extended family time.  This week brings our son's scheduled MRI to see if he's still cancer free... and well... Even though outwardly he seems to be doing amazingly well... you just don't know.  These things as a result create a heck of a lot of stress - a LOT.

So, while dealing with that, we opted to make this one a fun weekend with extended family - in the case of friends who I've known since kindergarten and who we view as aunts and uncles and cousins.  
We headed out ice fishing on Saturday with the gang and caught some nice bass and perch - though the ice was a lot thinner than I'd like - 3-5" probably... I feel nervous when it's a foot thick... so this was not my favorite - especially since the ice quality was not awesome (as you can see in the pics). It ended up being a great time with friends though.

The next day in the the morning I hiked a local mountain with my friend (guy in the pics) which was a blast.

A good weekend to settle the mind a bit...

Hopefully the week goes as well...

Will in the orange snow pants LOVES helping dig holes and scooping ice chunks...
Will thought this bass was pretty cool.  

All of us heading home - with Will and Emily riding the sleds off the pond - tired after catching all those fish :)


  1. Great family time.
    Hope and good thoughts on Will's MRI