Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The eyes have it

Took some time last night to do a few more salty flies (that will all double duty for freshwater bass for me too) last night for R and R... 

I'm a sucker for nice googly eyes on a streamer.  They just turn a fly into a FLY!    I love em.  These are CCG eyes on a 1/0 minnow pattern.  It's an inverted fly, so the wing helps it slip through grass well.

I really like those red lines I've been doing on clousers, and figured it would be fun to share some more.  These are in traditional "red in the middle" Carrie Steven's style... 

This was last nights work.  Some more Clousers in Electric Chicken color scheme and Olive over White - probably the best color ever for hair wing streamers - ok, in my opinion at least :).

The bottom two are the little minnow pattern I was describing initially.  They use Steve Farrar blend for the wing and body braid over a tungsten wrapped body.  They have a cool shine, yet translucence in the water and are practically indestructible.

 Hopefully I can hit a small stream some time soon... I'm going to check the trails at lunch today as well... Really missing time on the trails... I may have to invest in a "fat" bike next winter for riding snow mobile trails in an enjoyable way!

Be well


  1. Eyes are a key to making a fish strike.
    With featherwing streamers as well as bucktails those with painted eyes or jungle cook have a greater success rate. Big fish are head hunters.

    1. Good point Alan. I have noticed thunder creek streamers without eyes seem less "fishy" than those with them... Likewise, a featherwing with JC, or in saltwater something like a Deceiver with eyes (or the flies above)... It just helps.