Wednesday, April 29, 2015

4-28 Lunch Break

I shot out to a nice little stream about 15' away yesterday at lunch.  It's that time of year, where, if I can, I do this.  Sitting by a stream is when some of my best problem solving and idea creation opportunities occur.  Lucky for me, the stream was hopping the other day and many wild brookies came to hand.  All fish fell for a modified version of Don Bastian's Picket Pin streamer.  This is not really all that similar to the original picket pin, it's a rust hackle tail, a silver tinsel body with no palmered hackle, a squirrel tail wing with a rust hackle throat and peacock hearl "head".  Let swung, then jigged in the current at the end of the drift... the little char just had to have a go!

About 1 foot in front of this hemlock is almost a lock.  Nearly every trip to this stream Ill catch a trout there...

And this day was no exception to that "rule" :)

Such pretty little fish... Pretty pretty pretty!

That nice bit of current to the left of the rock's there was a spot where a few trout came to hand, and a few others were lost.  They really like that ambush spot.

I'd hoped to go further up stream, where there are some awesome pools, and a great "run" of broken water.  There is also a nice, cold feeder stream.  I've never tried to fish the feeder, it's only a foot wide, but clearly spring fed given it always has water.  Next time...

I always think Ill catch a trout under this log, and never do.  Not sure if it's the fairly skinny water (5" deep or so in that spot) or just my lack of skill.  Ill probably never stop trying it out though... eventually it should work right :)?

When I got home, prior to getting back to work, it was time to spray down my camo for Turkey season which started here Monday morning.  I use a spray containing Permithrin that was suggested to me by a wildlife biologist / Photographer friend.  It's evil stuff, but, so is lyme disease, so I do it.  You spray your gear, let it dry, and it will last on your clothes for up to 6 washes.  Does it work?

I've never had a tick even climbing on me while wearing it during turkey or archery deer season.  In my experience, it's the best thing going if your really going to be in "ticky" areas.  There are a few brands, but the one I've been using is called "Sawyers".  It's worth every penny!

Have a great day!


  1. Looks like a fun outing, and thanks for the tick protection advice!

    1. My pleasure RM. Yucky little buggers for sure! It was a good outing... Your "mucky" sunfish trip was a good one too!