Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Different ties...

I'm not a huge saltwater fisherman.  I enjoy it.  I have fun chasing stripers and blues here a few times a year... and I enjoy chasing the wide variety of fly eating fish when we go visit our mother in law in Florida.  Snook, red's, ladyfish, Jack's, buffalo, snapper, blue's, baby tarpon etc etc etc... all take flies and are super super fun to catch!

Recently I've been stocking my boxes for the occasions I get to chase all these salt water friends this year.  An encounter with an awesome blue fish school on a day I was steel leaderless last year "ate" far to many flies... It was worth it though - super fun stuff.

The result has been some crab's, shrimp and Clousers.  

Clousers are the streamer equivalent of the  Elk Hair Caddis or Bomber or Soft Hackle of the small stream or trout fisherman.  You just can not go wrong with Clouser's.  Fresh water, salt water, and literally any fish that swims in either will eat these things.  That's what's so cool... Going to a new area and not sure what might work - a Clouser will.

I've been bringing some "Rangely" fun to my Clouser's this year.  I like to use super strong thread on streamers, so I use GSP or mono.  these are GSP.  Rather than using multiple threads, I just break out a sharpie and dye about 3" of the thread to make the "rangely" style multi colored head.  A few coat's of CCG Hydro and it's a really strong head on these flies.

That said, I've also been doing Shminno's and a little streamer that's sort of a Deceiver variant I've evolved for small mouth bass or large mouth bass fishing.  It's a big marabou tail, then UV pearl body wrap and a two layer wing of DNA fish scale and DNA olive.  DNA wiggles like marabou, but has a little pearliness to it that's awesome in a streamer.  I add it to Shminno's too.  It's a great, and really versatile material if you have not used it.

I'm looking forward to mucking about the flat's next month in FL re-aquainting these patterns with fish... and to using them up here for fresh and saltwater bass in the coming months...

Ok, back to small streams... and soon, some posts about mountain biking again as well...
Be well


  1. I think they will give you some luck. Very good ties, clean and pristine looking!

    1. Thanks! I hope you are right... Luck is always a good thing :)

  2. Bob Clouser knew what he was doing.
    Nice work.

    1. Agree'd BrkTrt. Small ones done with calf tail or squirrel and really small bead chain eyes captivate "high water" small stream brookies :)