Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Great Video

My wife is from Minnesota.  Prior to our relationship, I'd never been there... I'm glad I have been now - it's amazing!

A few years ago I started to follow the Winnoaflyfactory blog.  He does a great job with the photo's and text - the story's.

Today he had an amazing video about the driftless area of MN where he lives and loves to fish.  But the video touches on what I suspect all of us feel for our home waters and favorite places.

Take 10' and enjoy this - it's worth every second!  Just in case inserting the video does not work, I'm putting the link below.


Be well -


  1. Well done. Love those little brookies.

    1. Absolutely Brk Trt. Amazing how those little fish pollute, positively, the minds of those who encounter them eh?

      Unrelated, but a positive of the heavy cold we have had lately is that it should be killing off some of the Hemlock Wolley Adgelid's threatening brookie habitat. I've had quite enough snow blowing... but if this winter helps keep our hemlock forests well... I can handle a little more cold!

      Be well!

  2. That little devil has caused problems in the south eastern CT. The hemlocks in the northern and eastern CT forests have been better off.
    But if it's cold that will kill them then this winter is a blessing.