Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Streams should be in good shape...

Yep, with over 2 feet (and increasing as I type) of snow freshly blanketing the ground, and plenty of precip the past few months... it should be great fishing this spring.

Kid's are loving it!

Stay safe if your in the North East today!


  1. What a storm this one was! We didn't get quite as much as you but it is still coming.

  2. Your right about the future of stream fishing.
    We had about 18 inches here.

  3. Hi RM Lytle and Brk Trt, certainly was a good storm. I finally finished cleaning up with a bit of roof raking this morning... had drifts about 7 feet high on the mudroom roof! Yikes! Time to clean fly lines, and tie up lots of fly's :)

  4. Hope the roads and so forth are safe by now. Despite the inconvenience and danger, it sure is beautiful.

    1. Indeed Atlas. Amazingly, we got 20-24" more yesterday. I have to take a new pic before the sun today settles it all to much :) Roads are a little tough, but not bad if you drive slow and brake early...