Friday, February 13, 2015

Guess The Location

Ok... As I await the eighth (or more) foot of snow to hit our humble region over the last month... I find myself thinking of a fun time last summer.

The pic below was not a fishing trip, though it would have been fun to seriously fish vs the 5' I fished about a half mile down stream just to "say I fished here"...

It was so lush, and it was a warm summer day.  The kind of day that is pleasantly warm, not uncomfortable.  The cabin window's were open that night, and the breeze off Gull Lake was awesome...

So, back on track... where was this stream?  It's about 18" to 3 feet deep here.  Solid current.  I could hold position well, but the 3 year old's needed to hold a hand for sure, or they were going over!

This pic is about 80 yards, maybe a hair less, from the exit of Lake Itasca in Itasca SF in north central Minnesota.  The stream... Is the headwaters of the Mississippi River.

Yep, this little 10-15' wide stream becomes one of the worlds great rivers.  Heck, even just 40-50 miles south in Little Fall's MN, the river is a very big, strong river.

Then again, consider the size the river reaches, the fact that it was such a substantial stream from it's start does guide you to realize it's on it's way to greatness!

I was a little sad checking this spot out, I'd hoped for a quieter environment... But there were at least a hundred other tourists like us checking it out... even having said that, It was really cool to see.  And, if you are ever in central MN, add in the trip north to Itasca to check it out.  It's really cool to see the start, of something with so much history!


  1. Replies
    1. Right on Atlas! Crazy to see it there... And compare it to say Iowa or further south. Amazing how "fast" it goes from stream to "WOW" level!

  2. 1 - That's cool.
    2 - 8' of snow, that's crazy (I'd be dreaming of summer too)!!

    1. Totally cool Drew! It's insane all this snow... but, the streams, rivers and ponds will be in good shape well into summer...