Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A "Why didnt I think of that" fly!

A week or two back, Connecticut Fly Angler laid down the following post: about a soft hackle he'd come up with that really caught.

It was one of those flies that just say's "I CATCH" and I had to tie up a few.

I made a few tweaks just based on what I had and my tying style.  I used coc de leon for the tail, I tied in the wire body and I used peacock herl vs dubbing for the little thorax.  A bit of starling and whammo - these little things have to be killer!

Thanks for the pattern CT Fly Angler!


  1. Looks great to me, wish I had seen this post earlier. I am packing up now for a three day trip and sure could have used that pattern for confidence in the box.

  2. Good interpretation! I hope it treats you well.

    1. It's a great creation man! Thanks for sharing the pattern - I'm excited to swing it through some water in the coming months.
      Be well,