Monday, August 11, 2014


I've been really busy of late.  Applying (and getting into) to grad school, work, life etc. have been keeping me off the water.  But I have put out the trail cam locally and have seen this doe and fawn in pictures many times.  Looking forward to seeing them in the fall bow in hand.  The little guy would get the pass... I'd have to think about the doe.  Some healthy and delicious dinners for the family there.



  1. Congratulations on getting into Grad School brother, and welcome to the club. I am getting my Phd in International Relations. As you will find out it is hard work but definitely worth it. Also be sure to keep us up to date this fall/winter on your hunting expeditions. Until then, tight lines.

    1. Thanks Atlas. Masters in Coaching Education for me... I'm excited about it. Sounds like you are doing some heavy work yourself! That's exciting stuff. Will do on the expeditions. I hope to be able to post a bit more frequently in the next few months. Have a super day - Will