Friday, August 22, 2014

What Lies Below the Fern's... and N.E.D.

Took a walk Monday to put a trail camera up where I'd seen (and got 1 pic) of a decent 3.5 (I believe) year old buck last year (below).

I always wonder, when walking through Fern's that are waist high, if there are any creatures I'm walking past.  If venomous snakes were common here, vs only documented in like 3 areas of the state, I'd be nervous!
Today though, while wading through the ferns I was thinking to myself: I wonder if I have ever stepped on a snake?  I looked down, and a stick looked weird... so I stopped and spread the ferns a bit.  Low and behold... the funny stick was a little garter snake.  Cute little guy basking in a sunny spot between the ferns... Glad I didnt step on him!

 I'm not sure if these really are called "cardinal flowers" but that's what the old timers where I grew up called them... so I call them that as well.  Such pretty red flowers that grow up among the rocks at the edge, and even into streams here.
Best of all, the boy had his 18 months post treatment scan Wednesday and it went well.  He's very intently watching Tinkerbell in the pic :) here before going back for MRI.  There is a funny spot in his left temporal lobe that they are watching, it has no evidence of being tumor... and they suspect it's chemo or hydrocephalus related... but are not really sure - so it's just watch and see.  It did not change his status as No Evidence of Disease (NED) though which is super! They have no worries about it being a tumor, which is good news!  His blood was solid, a few funny things, but nothing that indicates secondary cancer (cancer caused by cancer treatment)... So, overall, he's doing well and is cleared for starting pre school next week.  Awesome!

Be well everyone!

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