Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Blue Lining on the Mississippi

Yep, that's the Mighty Mississippi, me and my 2 weight hoping to catch a sunfish or chub or baby small mouth bass over a few drifts.  Only had time for about 5' of fishing... but... I can say I swung a wet fly on the Mississippi where it's not bigger than a little blue line I'd wander along looking for blue halo's back home...



  1. Pretty cool indeed. I think I have been up in that area and had a chance to "jump" over the Mississippi.

    1. Itasca state park is an awesome spot Atlas. The kids waded in the river right at the headwaters where it slough's off lake Itasca over a rocky lip at the edge of the pond. I was surprised at the clarity. I'm used to seeing a fairly tanic/or muddy Mississippi from the Brainerd area south... It was surprisingly clear... and the kids loved wading around in it right at lake Itasca!

  2. Replies
    1. Exactly Brk Trt... Not .5 miles up from that pic is where the river slides out of lake Itasca starting it's journey to the Gulf of Mexico.