Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Some flies just fish.  They flat out fish.  They can catch anything, any where, any time.

The Thunder Creek Minnow, a creation of fly tyer Keith Fulsher is such a fly.  I find tying them in an 8 or 6... even down to a 2 can be great for large trout and warm water species...

But tying a Thunder Creek Minnow in a 10 or 12... man alive what a wild brookie fly!  The pic above are some 10's I did last night for the small stream box.  The colors that have worked best for me are olive over white, olive over yellow and a Micky Finn like red over yellow.  Drift these little flies, let em swing, then strip them back in small strips and hold on.  Ok, be ready - holding on may not be an accurate statement when your competition comes in at 5 inches long :)


  1. Good looking flies man, I need to tie some up like that. Would love to see pictures of the Brookies.

  2. I have to figure that out Atlas. I manage a pic (see a few posts back) or two here and there, but globally, stink at taking pic's of fish. Maybe I could say it better, I get worried about dropping a camera in the drink, or about keeping the fish out for to long... If I'm going to keep working at this blogging thing, I'm going to have to figure it out! Have a great day!