Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Really good read on Catch and Release.

The 2 primary ways I have found blog's I enjoy over the years - both in my hobbies and profession - is through checking out the comments on blogs I read, and then following the commenters links to their individual blogs. 

I had not seen this blog before, and well, I was amazed to see I had some comments because, well, my blog is a new blog and pretty basic...  A blogger named Atlas from the rogue outdoors blog commented a few days ago, and so, I was curious and checked his blog out.

The first post was a great one on catch and release that I wanted to share.  Thanks for checking out my blog Atlas, and, thanks for the great post!   



  1. Hey man thanks for the shout out. I will be sure to put you in my blog roll and maybe can help get you some traffic. Keep up the good work and I will keep reading for sure.

  2. Cool - and likewise. As I figure out how to add a blog roll, I'm going to start adding the eclectic mix of blogs I enjoy reading.

    I really enjoyed the post - thanks for taking the time to lay it all down for "us" to see!