Thursday, March 27, 2014

I have had a little bit of a tying funk since Will's scan last week... Those things just suck it out of me emotionally.  Last night, the promise of warmer air and running water got me going.  I didnt have a massive need for more Royal Wulff's, but I've been wanting to try mating a Royal Wulff front end to a Royal Coachman's rear end... And to try using different color hackles - hence the cree on the one pictured (fore ground)... I may drift these in a little stream today if I can get a shot before lunch...

These are a little experiment.  They are the same, but the top fly I added some red flat waxed nylon over the head to give it a bit more contrast... I think I like the pumpkin colored thread on the bottom.  They are both #16 wet fly hooks, and the "marabou" wing is actually the fluff from the bottom of a CDL feather.  The body is rust oppossum dubbing with a strand of pearl midge krystal flash as the rib.  I really like these little flies, and look forward to testing them out.

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