Thursday, April 27, 2017

Crappie Weather... and Ticks.

Hi Folks - first, a little PSA.  Every year, 1X in the spring prior to turkey hunting, and again in the fall, prior to deer hunting, I dose my camo (and some other clothes I wear fishing or walking in the woods/yard) with Sawyers insect repellent containing Permithrin.  That chemical is a nasty son of a gun.  It is, quite literally, bad juju.  How bad, it lasts up to 6 weeks or 6 wash cycles once dried on your clothes, and ticks not only are repelled by it, but if they walk on it, they will die.  

Bear in mind I'm a organic eating (that's actually why I hunt, gets no more organic than that! Also why we garden and buy local organic foods any time we can) earthy crunchy type who likes to wear birkenstocks with alpaca socks.  I'm no "bring back mass pesticide applications" kind of guy.

My wife is the same way.

But, when it comes to Ticks, we dont take chances.  Many tick illnesses are just terrible.  They are hard to diagnose, hard to treat, and can cause issues which last a life time.  

So, when it comes to ticks, I take my chances and dose my outer wear with a good spray of Permithrin.  

Is this a cure all, could a still get a tick bite while wearing the gear and have issues, of course.  But Ill use this example from a few years back as to why I feel like the odds are hugely in my favor when using the stuff.

I was lazy, and didnt spray down.  It had been cool, and I felt ticks wouldnt be about much yet.  I went out opening day of turkey season and on the drive home was constantly picking the things off me.  WOW!  I got home, sprayed my gear, and the rest of the season, hunting the same areas, I NEVER had another tick on me.  NOT ONE!

So, while it's not fool proof, I cant no suggest, strongly enough, to my outdoor loving friends..  Consider using a spray like Sawyers, which contains Permithrin, on your outer gear to drastically reduce the risk of contracting tick borne illness... Or worse, bringing ticks into your home where your kids could end up impacted by those ticks (or spouse, friends, parents, pets etc).

This pic is a few years old, but, after spraying down, you hang up and let your gear dry.  Once dry, I pack it away in it's own bag to minimize contact with other clothes.  I also wash off the chair's it's drying on :)...

Little bit of fishing.  I shot out in the rain at lunch yesterday to a local park pond that has bass, crappie, perch, sunfish, trout - briefly (it's stocked for a kids fishing derby, given it's going to be water temps over 80 by June, it's not a spot the trout survive) and I suspect some carp, but I've not actually seen one, I'm going on bubble trails which could also be the giant snappers in the pond.

I caught a bunch of crappie, on the slow rolla... I LOVE that fly - thanks Bobcat Hollow Fly Fishing and Fly Tying (blog) for putting it out there.  Crappie's love it!

People talk about trout being gorgeous fish.  I often talk about how beautiful Brookies are in particular... but I have to say, Crappies are gorgeous fish in their own right, and, they love flys!

When it warms up this year (or any time really), get out and find some Crappies.  They love flies, fight well, and are fun to catch.


  1. Great information, Will, thanks for sharing. I have had Tick experience, personally. No more, I hope...... Totally agree with you, too. Crappie are a fun fish and awesome to look at too!

    1. Right on Mel! Hope you are well past your Tick Experience...

  2. Crappies, fighters, and good looking...fine table fare too.
    Will it's going to be a bad year for ticks.

    1. Agreed Alan. Though I rarely keep Crappies this time of year, ice fishing, they are one of my favorite "fish fry" fish for sure. Agreed on ticks - spray down!

  3. Agreed, crappies are beautiful! Especially the fins.