Tuesday, April 25, 2017


Today started well - chasing turkeys.  I called in a Jake with 5 hens, but held off shooting him.  Until later in the season Ill try to hold off in hopes a Tom comes in.  Hope to get out again Thursday.  Pic below was on the way home.  That's a nice tom in the field with a group of hens - I pulled over and watched them for a few minutes with binoculars, this pic is my phone, looking through the binos!

I worked (good thing about turkey hunting is that you can hunt a few hours from dawn on, and still get home early) after dropping the kids off at school, and with light rain falling, decided lunch today would be a little small stream fishing vs a mountain bike ride...

Watch for this stuff.  It's poison ivy - this time of year it's hard to see but it's heavy with oil and could be a real bugger.  watch out for any vines around or on trees, or little woody plants shooting up from the forest floor with tightly wrapped leaves.  Especially near stone walls, or damp areas...

Wow!  Winter changed one of my local streams.  That log, used to be solidly into the water!  Now this pool is basically wide open... I got a few brookies (see below) at the head of the pool.  Today I only needed one fly, a bead head micro bugger - I've really grown fond of that fly on small streams!

With little wild jewels like that, I dont need to to type many words :)...

I was really pleased with the stream.  I caught, maybe a dozen over only about 40' of fishing time.  Most were quite plump and have been feeding well by the look of things.  Feels good to see they survived the drought well...

Always good to see the colors of spring along a stream!

Keep well, enjoy the outdoors!


  1. Will, good times in a short period of time.
    Looks like that stream fared pretty good, and that 1st brookie is so dark. I love the variations. Poison ivy I am aware of, it's those damn ticks.

    1. GREAT point Alan. One thing I've learned, from a friend who's MDFW's wildlife photographer, is to use Permithrin on my outdoor clothes. It's nasty stuff, but my camo for hunting, and a few other items I routinely wear while walking or fishing etc get coated. With that stuff on my clothes, I've literally never had a tick on me. it's NASTY, but, so are tick borne illnesses, so I take the chance. The most common brand I see is "Sawyers". You can get it a Dicks, or Cabelas type stores. Typically in camping. Follow the instructions, and you should be good to go.

      Agreed on that first brookie - it's dark, and the flanks are almost gold v orange or peach. Neat looking fish!

  2. Way to go Will! Nice to see the wildflowers again and good luck with the turkey hunting

    1. Thanks Mark. It is great to see the flowers. Do you guys have Trillium's or Lady Slippers yet down there in CT? I've been surprised no Trilliums here yet...

    2. Will I have seen trillium in bloom in several places.

  3. Lovely brookies, and as Alan noted, very cool variation! Good luck getting a big Tom, I've seen quite a few out and about down here in the last two weeks.