Friday, March 31, 2017

Some flies

Ah.  Spring is in the air.  Daffodils are coming up along the garage, snow's melting, the tom turkey that hangs out out back is gobbling some mornings/evenings... And yesterday these crocus bloomed out along the edge of the front garden.

Wait.  What was that?  We are getting 6-12" of snow, sleet and ice tonight.  Deep breath.  Dont put a value on it.  Ok, what's possible now?  Well, I guess the kids and I can go sledding this weekend - that's always fun...  Well, mindfulness in practice or not, I have to admit some disappointment at this snow. It will only last a few days, but it's more salt in the environment, sand on the roads and mud on the trails.  So, while it's good for the trout, I'd much rather get this as rain.  Not up to me though, so it's time to batten the hatches, snuggle up with the kids and Rosemary, and enjoy the storm.

My last post I noted the "ugly damsel".  I bet I've posted it here before, but I should have there.  So here is my favorite version - olive.  Red or yellow eyes seem best, though bead chain works on the smaller ones.  the key, is the long tail.  it just creates so much motion.  I'm sure the rubber legs help too, but overall, it's the wriggle of that tail that does it.

For the spring, I wanted some small white streamers.  these are for fresh or salt... probably get their first salt shot in FL later this spring.  The top one I shortened up, the others I did intentionally long - those are #8 bonefish hooks from Gamakatsu.  I actually use these for fresh water streamers too - they are freakishly sharp, and they feel a lot like a Partridge "Predator" hook if you are used to those, but smaller.

They are about 2.5-3.5" long.  Super simple.  Some .15 non lead wraps on the shank, white GSP thread, tie in a clump of white craft fur (the top one I did craft fur with an over tail of gray hollofusion), spin a dubbing loop of pearl lazer dubbing, pick it out and comb it back, finish off with a fishskull (this is a #3) and a bit of UV resin and done.  Fast, durable, and should catch piscivorous fish where ever they swim.

That cardboard is the "desk" I tie on, well, the covering.  The holes are from a day when my daughter was tying with me, and she was having more fun poking the cardboard with a bodkin than tying :) ha!

Have fun and for those of you in New England, enjoy the storm!


  1. Same weather pattern here in Colorado for this weekend. Fly tyin' just might be the closest thing to being on the water. Enjoyed looking at your patterns. Time to tie some up!

    1. Mel - Do up the Ugly Damsel - that thing catches everything. beadchain or barbell eyes, LONG marabou tail, heavily/bushy dubbed body, palmer hen or saddle hackle up - reinforced with opposite direction wire wraps. aggressively pick out and brush back with velcro.. Tie in legs behind eyes. Dubbing brush or thick noodle figure 8 wrapped through the eyes, then tie it off. fishes great swum, or allowed to settle on the bottom and twitched. Ive even caught fish dead drifting it - that marabou tail is "never" still.

  2. Will perhaps you should connect the dots that your daughter so neatly placed, you never know buddy.

    Those streamers on the cardboard look like they would entice a sea run salmonid. And I'm going fishing weather co-op or not.

    1. For certain Alan - trout/salmon love skinny minnows :)
      Deja Vu eh. Last year, April 4 we got 6-7" of snow. I fished the next day, it was cold, snow blowing off the trees. So, if you can - get out! Then again - you guys may get all rain with this one eh?