Saturday, March 18, 2017

Gangsta Gurgler

We hope to go to FL to visit my Mother In Law later this spring.  When ever that happens I get psyched for some great fishing.  That always leads to some time looking for new FL flies... I fish salt, but I dont know what the heck I'm "really" doing.  I basically apply what knowledge I have, try to stay adaptable, and figure stuff out on the fly.  That's how I've found my best salt flies for down there for sure.  The other day I bumbled into the "Gangsta Gurgler" which sure looked a lot like my favorite "shrinp" fly in Lefty's Craft Fur Shrimp, and one of the greatest top water flies ever for warm or salt water fish - the Gartside Gurgler.  I had some little mess ups on both - which you will see quick if you know this fly... But man, what a fishy looking fly.  I had to do a few up.  Hopefully some time later this year Ill be able to post up some pic's with one of these in the corner of a snooks mouth :)!

Happy fishing!


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    1. Brk Trt - thanks Alan. That would be high praise :)
      I'm mostly hoping some of the gulf of mexico's finest enjoy it, and maybe even a striped bass up here if I chase them much this year. Hope you are well.