Thursday, June 12, 2014

Time flies...

I've been unable to get out on the water recently... or do much of anything else.  Largely due to some presentations I've been doing for work... Here's the most recent one which was done at Central Mass Physical Therapy and Wellness:

Here's the most recent presentation on how training intensity and volume relate during endurance training. 
A couple of different presentations in the next few days... and then I need to wrap up a grad school application (doing an online Masters program the next few years)...

I hope to be posting more during the next few weeks because there should be some fun adventures coming up...

Last, a random "funny" pic.  When Will was in treatment, he had 3 stem cell transplants in a row, and due to the major hit on his immune system that caused, we had to get rid of our chickens a few years ago.  Number 1, I'm proud of our coop.  It's still standing strong, served our flock well... and kept the birds safe... and Number 2, yes, that's a sliding basement window shedding light on the birds :)

The funny part, was a day the summer before Will was diagnosed.  We looked out the window, and there was a hawk just trying to figure out this cage.  The Chickens were freaking out clucking and cackling in the house... and the hawk would walk back and forth on the roof looking for way's in.  It would fly down and walk all around looking for access.  It would sit in the tree above the coop and when the birds walked out into the screened in area it would dive down hitting the screen.  It kept this up for 30' or so before quitting!  This picture though cracks me up, because he's looking down at the door's latch... and it looks like he's thinking: "How do I open that dang thing?"

I saw this today and it made me laugh... so I figured it may entertain folks that stop by here as well!

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