Thursday, June 19, 2014

Sulfurs on the mind...

This time of year, sulfur patterns can be killer's on the rivers around here... probably elsewhere as well.  I've found this spinner to be a killer - and oddly at all phases of the hatch.  The set up is stolen from the minds of Dave Wiltshire, Paul Proctor and Fran Betters - a fly fishing and tying brain trust that could be described as way, way over my head!

On the The orange thread is a Betters original... but fits this fly for a reason Ill note below.  The bent shank is a Proctor standard on many of his parachutes and spinners and the "tuft" of "wing" sticking back added to the wings going sideways is a Wiltshire idea.  At least those are the folks and places I learned them from.

The Millers River here has a sulfur hatch that can be prolific, and oddly, some years, the bugs are practically hunter orange in color.  By using sulfur or light cahill colored superfine dubbing on fire orange thread, when the fly's wet, it has a some what orange glow... that's muted by the pale yellow dubbing.

I use microfibets in pale yellow for the tail, and zlon in white for the wings.

Hook wise, mostly it's 16-20 wide gape dry fly hooks that I kink in the middle before mounting in the vice - giving the fly that little sideways hook.

The fly has worked well for me on the millers... really well... but it's also done surprisingly well on the swift - which could not be a more different river from the millers.  The swift being gin clear, sand or gravel bottom and a tail water... the Millers being a large freestone with large rock and tanic waters.  But, any time I have fished a small stream or medium sized stream around here, if sulfurs are around, this little bug worked.

If you try it - enjoy it!


  1. Nice version of a sulphur. They have been working well on the small streams here.

  2. I think you will like it Brk Trt... simple fast to tie and works well!