Monday, January 20, 2014

Getting a Start

For quite a while, my wife has been trying to get me to start a blog.  Years ago I had one that I tried to use as a warm up for writting projects, and well... It just fadded from my conciousness as life got in the way.

My hope here is to use this in a similar way, but to focus the ideas I write about on areas that are fun and important to me instead of solely professional (which is where that old blog focused, which I think was called "Thinking Athlete"). 

My goal is to post 2X week at first... and if there is more happening then Ill add to that total.

Being my first post, Ill finish up with an introduction.

My name is Will, and I am figuring how how to live.  Thought I had a good idea how to do this... but life took over.  Having twins started that process abotu 2.5 years ago... but a year in, just starting to figure out how to do this a bit, my wife and I were devastated to learn our son has Medulloblastoma - a malignant brain tumor.  Cancer treatment and survival is brutal for anyone.  Watching your 1 year old undergo treatments and surgeries... trying to keep some level of normal for your daughter despite massive amounts of time in the hospital for my wife and I... It would take to long to write that story here.  Ill sum it up by saying it was a brutal period and though I think the boy is recovering great (thank god) I know for us, we are only now starting to feel like maybe we will be able to live again, to breathe.  And besides doing fun things as a family, for me, that means riding on and off road on my bicycle "herd", tying up and fishing flies for any fish I can chase, hitting the gym, or doing things related to my profession of performance coach.


  1. Hello WIll..

    I look forward to reading your I do a lot of blog reading...I've learned a lot from other ppls blogs...

    My name is DAVE...I don't have a blog maybe soon but I love to fly-fish....I fly-fish all species.....salt and freshwater...I fish trout also...but im more of a warm-water, bass, yellow-perch, crappie....

    it's an addiction that I want to never

  2. Dave - thanks for the reply. Warm water is fun. A gill, bass, crappie slurping a popper is awesome... and stripping streamers is a blast as well for those fish. Thanks for checking out the blog!