Monday, February 13, 2017

Funny stuff, flies and snow

Maybe at the ripe age of 42, I'm old school.  I dont know.  But I would rather read a real, made of paper, news paper than get my news off web sites.  One bonus is the quick review of the funnies - makes me feel like a kid.  Well, the other day my local paper had the cartoon below.  Cracked me up!

The other day, Ken over on had a nice post about a fly he's been having good luck with on a local tailwater.  I liked the looks of it, and tossed out the idea of trying black nail polish rather than tying off the fly with black thread (over the olive used for the body).  Ken thought it may be a good idea and was going to try it, and my next time at the vice I did as well.  Kept the fly slim and looks good, I think it will workout well! 

Tied on a size 22 scud hook, olive 8/0, small copper wire, a smidge of krystal flash midge size and some black nail polish instead of head cement.

 New England has been getting some solid snow for the first time this winter.  After a little "half way through the storm" snow blowing last night, we got the kids down, and then I tied up a few flies.  Yes, we have Xmas lights up still - they make us happy, and, it's easier next year :) ha ha ha!

I've been working on my perch fly, and I think I'm there.  This one is the same as the one I posted the other day, but with only 1 wrap of the puglisi material.  I increased the amount of polar flash by twisting it round the extra large estaz (olive) body... I like it, but next version I may use orange polar flash instead of olive.  Overall, this one is slimmer, shows the body a little more, and should compress a bit more in the water... I think I'm onto a winner with this one.  It's got the nice scruffy look I like, but still has a lot of movement coupled with decent, but not overbearing flash... Whens' open water again? (See pic above, it's not for a WHILE!)

Have a great day and enjoy the outside!


  1. Will the lights with the snow are just lovely...leave them up.
    Those midges do take winter trout.
    I'm going to try and find that VT perch pattern and post it to my blog.

    1. It would be great to see that pattern Alan! It would help my continuing refinements... Agreed on the lights and midges.

  2. Will, isn't it a "kick" to sit down at the vise and try something out of the ordinary when tying. Also, interesting how a discussion with another angler whets the appetite to give something new a shot at the bench.

    I have been following along as you know as you have worked on developing your Perch pattern. Coming together nicely!

    1. Thanks for the comments Mel - on the inspiration of others, and the perch :). Like wise, that bluegill fly you posted the other day has me interested. I'm going to play with that!