Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Fish looking up

Quick update.  Got out and fished a bit this afternoon after lunch.  The stream was flowing well but super clear.  The first nice pool I blew.  Spooked a nice fish I'd spotted with a poor cast, then missed several fish before finally landing one.  To quick on the draw.  The pick below was the 7" fish that I managed to land.

I like this pic, the water is so clear, that if you look fast it appears I'm just holding the fish in the air.  I'm not, you can see the water at his pectoral fins!  Amazing clarity.

The sad part is that one fish I missed had a really big head, I'd bet it pushed a foot.  That would have been an amazing fish on this stream.  Oh well, next time mr/mrs fish!

I fished up the stream with a bomber or stimi and then fished down with a Dark Eidson Tiger.  My missed fish string continued with a few misses, then a solid 10~ incher that I got in my hand but which wobbled away prior to getting it's photo taken.  Finally this pretty fish - with an almost surprising sparsity of red dots came to hand.

Despite my rust showing, it was a really good hour or so on the stream, and a great sign of what's to come with the warm weather expected this weekend.

There was a solid string of caddis flittering about, and some solid size 14~ may fly's around - I couldn't catch one of the mayflies for an ID - but it's good to see them!

Be well


  1. Will that photo is awesome...such clarity.
    Small streams are fishing well.

    1. Agreed on both Alan. Then again, do they ever "really" fish bad :)?