Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Time away, Time with trout, Time to get back to action.

I knew this year would be pretty darn crazy.  And it certainly has been that!  I hope to post a little about some adventures over the next week... But first, a little post about my first (ugh) fishing trip in about 6 weeks.

Last night, I decided I needed a "personal" day.  A short one, but, one none the less.  To do that, I worked until noon, then headed to a tailwater about an hour away.  There were fish all over the darn place, but I focused on two sections I really enjoy fishing.  One is a slow, deep glide with one side open and shrubby and the other covered in hemlocks.  Just below this a power line crosses the river and the water becomes much skinnier and with a bit of structure rather than a sand bottom.  It's not a riffle, the water slides through this area in 1-2 foot depths, and gin clear.

It's a fun spot, full of well educated fish, and with memories from my childhood and development as an angler.

It was a really valuable half a day.  I caught a number of fish on the Chimera Caddis in a #18... but never broke out the camera.  The day was about doing some de-stressing, and just being outside.  And, it was that.

Plus, I met a few real nice fellow anglers, which added to the day for sure.