Monday, April 28, 2014

Flies and Florida...

Last week, we took a surprise trip (25hrs of driving!) from MA to FL to visit Rosemary's mom.  I worked from her condo there, and the family and mother in law all enjoyed the sights and sounds of the florida gulf.  I fished a spot within sight of the condo a few nights... and realized that I'd traveled a little to lightly... Night 1, I caught a few speckled trout, a small (20" maybe) snook and then hooked 2 absolutely giant red fish.  I dont remember the last time a fish took me to the backing, and these two got me well into the backing a few times... the catch was 1.) it was dark and 2.) I was fishing under a bridge on a concrete abutmant.  I'd never caught a fish bigger than 3-4# here, and from what I could see in my headlamp, these fish were easily 30".  They were BIG.  the first broke off during a run as I tried to brake him, and the other as I tried to lift him the 3 feet from the water up.
The next day I got a lady fish which was fun, and then on the other end of the abutmant, I had a good take, and lost a fly... Hmm?  I admit to not realizing blue fish were full time residents in Florida.  I must have lost, 4-5 flies, but did manage to land about as many blues in the 4-5# range.
Attempting pic's standing on the edge of a concrete lip with 3-4 feet of water below was a little sketchier than I wanted to risk...
Pick below was from a neat lagoon near by, but no takes.
Back at home, and hit the little stream accross the street... Lots of hendricksons coming off... but only 1 tiny brookie came to hand (like 3" long)... great to be home though!


  1. A surprise trip of 25 hours, love your stamina.
    That fly looks to share the recipe?

  2. Brk Trt - you are not kidding... :) My wife stopped working when our son was diagnosed 2 years ago and she's just about to start again... With her family all over the country, she just felt a lot of desire to get"down" and visit given she wont have as much time for trips like that soon.

    The fly is a modified haystack tied on a #18 or #16 klinkhamer hook from Diachi (the old partridge Klinkhamer hooks would work, and I suspect any emerger/lighter scud hook would as well.

    The thread is 70 or 100 (I think) denier. It's almost floss like. The color is gray.

    Tail is zlon in brown.

    Un-dyed deer body hair is the wing.

    Gray dubbing - this version used "dry fly" dubbing... but occasionally Ill use opossum or hairs ear, and recently have tinkered with CDC dubbing which creates a really neat buggy look for sure.

    The "trick" is the body. I use the thread to build up a minimal taper, but then use an epoxy resin called Hydro by Clear Cure Goo over the thread. I apply several coats. What that does, is add a bit of weight to the rear of the fly. It ends up sitting very deep in the water, with just the wing over the surface.

    I used to use floatant on the fly's front end to help prevent it from sinking, but this winter learned of a product called XXX. It's basically a liquid, and you apply, let dry, then fish. I just leave it with my tying stuff and use it on dry's after the head cement (if used) is dry. The stuff is unreal. Dip the fly, let it dry, and the dang thing is unsinkable. On a fly like this, I only dip the front end, but it works great!

    I find this fly works well any time largish mayflies are hatching (when fishing picky trout)... but wild fish, they seem pretty willing any time caddis, stones or may flies are about all season long. Like the Haystack it's modeled after, it's an adaptable fly...

    thanks for stopping by!