Thursday, February 27, 2014

I managed a nice bit of fishing on saturday after a work meeting.  Thankfully, the meeting only lasted until about 9:45, and then a bit of quick driving had me on the swift river for a bit of spanish style and czn style nymphing... which morphed into a hybrid of using a long (20 foot) leader I created, with a "New Zealand" style indicator.  I'm normally not sold on indicators nymphing, but this has a chance and Ill try it more.  It fished better when I swapped to a stillwater "furled" leader created by Blue Sky Leaders.  I've made the move to furled leaders for most fishing (they are not so hot when it's really cold - they freeze faster than mono/flouro), they cast awesome, almost like a long extended front taper on your fly line.  A nice system for sure.  I also like that when fishing a 6-8x tippet, they act a bit like a shock absorber with stretch, helping protect super light tippets and the small flies at the end of those tippets.
Anyway, the day was mostly experimenting with leaders on the newish (just got it late summer last year) 11foot, 4wt.  That said, it was a decent fishing day... 4-5 rainbow's to net and several others escaping with a "quick" release prior to entering the net... The best fly was a Walt's worm with an orange hot spot tied on a #16 jig hook with a gold bead.  That fly got lots of interest all day.  One fish fell for an experiment of a fly that's basically a big #12 scud with a chartruese belly.
I have had a few good destress sessions at the vice this week as well...
Last night was a doing up a few more caddis larva, a few compradun's, a few of my low riding take on an X caddis - the hot butt... and a big searching fly that's a variation of an Ausable Trude.

A night before was about some Ausable Bombers (never have enough of these), some Ausable wulff varients (tied on a slightly curved hook and with a white calf body hair tail vs the normal woodchuck gaurd hair tail), a reload on various Walt's Worm variations and a little midge experiment...

Hopefully, these will all be tested on local freestones and small streams soon!

Be well


  1. I really like the ones with the pink bead. I tie a black and silver zebra midge and add a pink ring of thread just under the bead. Has worked great for me. Nice looking flies man.

    1. Atlas - you have inspired me! I'm going to try that with the zebra. Those things are killers. they are so simple, that they are easy to pass over in your box - even when you know it would be a good choice! I like that what your describing would trigger me to "bite" just like it may trigger the fish as well!